Patient Stories


I broke my wrist in my fifties, but I didn’t realise there might be a connection with osteoporosis, until some years later when releasing the handbrake in my car, some of the bones in my spine broke. The knowledge I’ve gained can now protect my daughter Annette and granddaughter Olivia’s bone health.

Sylvia, 77


Staying fit and healthy is important to me, as I live a busy life. A DXA bone scan showed I have osteoporosis. Information from the charity is helping me manage my bone health effectively.

Linda, 50

Anne & Pamela

Everyone is an individual; if you cannot get on with your bisphosphonate tablets your doctor may be able to prescribe bone medicine as a drink, infusion or injection.

Anne & Pamela, 72


I have spinal fractures due to osteoporosis. A useful tip from the dietician at the charity’s support group was to use linseeds to help cope with the constipating side effects of strong pain killers. A fun way is to make flapjacks with my daughter Jessica.

Nick, 43

Rita & Annette

Attending a support group isn’t just about getting information; it’s about meeting people in a similar situation. We enjoy exercising together.

Rita & Annette, 64 & 69