New guidance on treatment of hip fractures

New guidance on treatment of hip fractures
5 Aug

New guidance on treatment of hip fractures

The guidance recommends that surgery should take place the same day or the day after hospital admission; it also advises that a team of experts should establish a care plan immediately after surgery to help patients regain their mobility and independence as quickly as possible.

Dr Claire Bowring from the National Osteoporosis Society welcomed the guidance:

“The consequences of a hip fracture can be devastating so prompt management and treatment is essential. There are now 78,000 hip fractures a year: 10% of these people will be dead within 30 days; 30% will be dead within a year.

The National Osteoporosis Society welcomes these new measures which will ensure that people who have suffered painful hip fractures will receive appropriate care.

Where fast treatment is important, prevention of these debilitating hip fractures is crucial. Studies have shown that half of all hip fracture patients have experienced at least one previous fragility fracture. With a more effective and systematic response to early fragility fractures, many later and more serious fractures are preventable, especially hip fractures. Crucial to this is the coordination of healthcare, using fracture liaison services, to identify people earlier. By implementing these changes as part of an overall prevention and treatment package, fractures could be avoided and thousands of lives saved.”

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