World Osteoporosis Day

World Osteoporosis Day
23 Oct

World Osteoporosis Day

The following information is taken from the mail online.

I'm only 51 and I've got brittle bone disease, says Tory star: Osteoporosis probably caused by a chronic lack of vitamin D.

Sarah Newton was diagnosed after falling outside the Houses of Parliament. The MP broke her hip and spent months in a wheelchair and on crutches. She has decided to speak out to mark World Osteoporosis Day.

A rising star of the Conservative Party, Mrs Newton has spoken of her shock at being diagnosed with osteoporosis, stating she was 'shaken beyond belief' at learning she had developed – at 51 – what she had always thought of as an 'old woman's disease'.

Her surprise was compounded when doctors revealed that the likely culprit was a chronic shortage of vitamin D, caused by a lack of sunlight.

After her accident in May, Mrs Newton, a mother of three, spent almost four months in a wheelchair and on crutches.

After a brief period of recuperation she managed to continue working and attend key debates in the Commons.

She has decided to speak out for the first time to mark World Osteoporosis Day and to encourage other women to take simple steps to protect their health.

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