Strontium ranelate returns to the UK as an osteoporosis drug treatment

1 Feb

Strontium ranelate returns to the UK as an osteoporosis drug treatment

The following information is taken from the NOS.

People with osteoporosis in the UK now have access to the osteoporosis medication strontium ranelate, which returned to the UK market today.

The drug was previously available under the brand Protelos but was pulled from the UK market in August 2017.

Servier, who manufactured the drug at the time, said the decision to cease marketing and supply was based on commercial reasons. This followed safety concerns about the drug being connected to cardiovascular risks, which had led to its limited use and a continuous decline in the number of people being treated with it.

Pharmaceutical company Aristo has now taken on the manufacturing of strontium ranelate, which is available for prescription for the treatment of severe osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and adult men who are at high risk of fracture.

“I’m pleased that strontium ranelate is available as a drug treatment again,” said Dr Nicola Peel, clinical adviser for the National Osteoporosis Society.

“While it is not a suitable drug treatment for everyone with osteoporosis because of some of the potential side-effects, it may be the right choice for some patients – many of whom would otherwise have no other suitable treatment to reduce their risk of broken bones.”

The NOS have updated their information on strontium ranelate.